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Partner with Crystal View Capital to Discover Off-Market Real Estate Deals

We are actively seeking to expand our portfolio by acquiring off-market assets. If you have an off-market asset that you believe meets our acquisition criteria, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your asset in more detail.

Below is our acquisition criteria:


Mobile Home Communities

100+ sites or a minimum$30k/month in gross income

Self-Storage Facilities

200+ doors (30k+ sq. ft.) or minimum $30k/month in gross income

CVC Acquisition Email Body (2).png
CVC Acquisition Email Body (3).png

The larger, the better! No development. If a portfolio deal, one location must meet the parameters mentioned above.

Geography: Nationwide

Ownership Profile: Preferably mom-and-pop owned


Yield: Typically 5%+ cap is based upon in-place NOI but will go lower  if there is a compelling story to create value in the near term

Value-add: i.e. the ability to raise rents (both street rates and existing), increase occupancy, and solve delinquency issues

Buyer Strength: We can pay cash, move quickly, have the creativity and resourcefulness to work on “special situations”, and most importantly we have a reputation for doing what we say.

Broker Compensation:  We are principals. We will pay additional comp (1.5-3%) for off-market deals.

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